Friday, November 11, 2011

cozy coffee & tea...

I love my days off. I have three of them in a row each week. Friday is my Saturday... It's a day I can get chores done, appointments done, and I can usually set aside some time to relax with my knitting or crocheting.  On this "Friday acting like a Saturday" I decided to take a break from my holiday knitting and my long term epic projects. I wanted to make something today that I could start, finish and use all in the same day.  And I found the perfect project when Asa made a pot of delicious hot Thai Tea and commented on how fast he needed to drink it in order to enjoy it hot.  We needed a Plunger Pot Cozy and we needed it FAST!
cozy Thai tea

I looked online and was able to find several free patterns for a plunger pot cozy. After checking out several, I found one that I could modify to accommodate the supplies I had on hand.  I changed the number of stitches in the existing pattern because I decided to knit mine with two strands of yarn to make it thicker, hoping it will keep our tea and coffee warmer, longer.  Because I used two strands of yarn, I also used much bigger needles for the project, meaning I had to reduce the number of stitches. I kept the basic idea of three buttons to secure the cozy in place on the pot.

buttons hold this cozy on the pot

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a chain reaction...

I got this skein of yarn for free at J.P. Knit & Stitch when they were having their Go Green! Weekend. It was a 'free with purchase' sort of deal where I got to select one skein of yarn out of a huge bag of beautiful bright yarns.  I picked this purple flecked yarn thinking it would make a beautiful hat, even if it was just a boring stockinette stitch job.  But then I taught myself how to cable and thought this yarn was up to the task of holding up lots of cables. 

If you'd like to give this hat a go, here's the pattern!

This cozy little head warmer is for Barb, the neighbor and dog walker at Grace's house.  She's so sweet...I wanted to make her something handmade for her birthday and to thank her for being the only adult I talk to sometimes during my 10.5 hour shift.

one skein wonder...

Not too long ago I was invited to try out Crafsty's new workshop feature for free. This was Craftsy's version of a knit along, with the project directions provided along with great photos and a message board feature. Normally one would have to pay for a workshop, but since Craftsy offered it for free this one time, I decided to try it out.  This particular workshop was for a knit shrug that promises to use only one skein of yarn, so I knew it wasn't going to be much of an investment of my time or money. Its tiny, but cute and it was very easy to make. It only involved knitting, purling, and increasing.

Here are a couple of photos of the shrug, but none of me wearing it...the cuffs are too tight for my big ole arms!  I did change the pattern slightly in that I used a contrasting yarn for the ribbing at the cuffs and neck and back.  It was a quick project and it the directions were very easy to follow. I plan to make another one soon, but will use a bigger needle on the arm cuffs so they will fit better (the pattern called for changing needle sizes but I'll just use the same one as for the body).

For now, I'm taking names of thin armed friends who might like to try this on for size!

cable ready...

This weekend I was trying to use some beautiful merino wool that I got on sale to make the Peace Street Hat from the Interweave Knits Holiday Magazine.  This beautiful hat made the cover of the issue!

I am terrible at following grid patterns...I can follow written directions pretty well, but once they are put into a grid, I loose it completely. I can never remember what the symbols mean from one row to the next. This means that I have to do a ton of double checking which takes forever.  I can never tell if I'm supposed to reverse the grid for wrong side or not... It does not make for relaxing knitting!

So, I scrapped my messy and mistake riddled band portion of the hat and decided to try to teach myself how to create a cable stitch band instead.  I could still use the buttons, but I would use a much simpler pattern that still had some eye catching texture.  After the band was complete I was able to pick up stitches along the edge and knit the top of the hat just like the pattern for the Peace Street Hat.

The hat came out beautiful! I am tempted to keep it for myself and find a cable knit mitten pattern to make some matching mittens to go with!

Monday, October 24, 2011

picking up stitches...

Here's a super cute sweater vest that I made for my nephew, Jonah. He is always dressed in layers, but I know that he spends a lot of time on the move so I decided to make this little cutie so he'd have full range of movement in his arms.

The pattern is a free Ravelry download, called the Lola Vest.  I'm going to rename it The Frankie, in honor of a former student of mine who wore a sweater vest every single day that I ever had him in class for 3 whole school years.  This was the first knitting project where I had to pick up stitches on edges.  I was very careful to make the stitches evenly spaced and I think it actually came out rather well.  It was an added challenge to make the V neck actually look like a V.  Mine doesn't totally look like the photo, but it did come out pretty cute! 

I tried it on Jonah today and it fits him pretty well right now, so I'm going to give it to him early, instead of waiting until Christmas! My next vest will be a cable knit one...since I was able to teach myself the cable stitch this weekend.

Friday, October 14, 2011

button cuff bracelet...

After one year of being a nanny and spending each day with just two babies and no other grown ups, I found that I don't really have that many friends to hang out with outside of work. So, I took matters into my own hands and joined meetup. Its a great way to get together with people who are interested in your favorite hobby, exercise, food type, or lifestyle. I took a look on there to see if there was any local craft groups that I could join.  I found one that meets two blocks from my apartment!  They seem to do sewing, knitting, and far I've attended a knit night and a sewing project. Both were very fun! When I was at the knitting night, I learned that our organizer, Meg is a button freak. I was not too surprised when last night's topic was announced.

The project last night was to make button cuff bracelets.  I already knew how to sew a button, so I decided to sign up, despite the steep sign up and materials fee of twenty dollars (I had invited both of my sisters to attend with me but was informed that between the three of us crafty Lerouxs we should have been able to figure it out for free...but I wouldn't have gotten to meet the new gals then, would I?) It was a pretty small group, but that just meant that we could all fit around the table and sew and chat together.

I was able to walk out of there with this nifty button cuff that I can wear with all sorts of outfits.  Mine is made with a felt base and vintage buttons that I hunted down in a huge collection of buttons.  There were huge bowls of buttons on hand to sort through and hunt down the perfect specimens for your cuff. Also on hand were precut and sewn cuffs so we could just dig in and get sewing.  Now that I know how to get started on this project, I'm excited to get my hands on a button collection and make a few more.  You could make your own button cuff using almost any type of band...even a knitted or crocheted one.  I even saw one model cuff that was made out of the cuff of an old button down was really cool and I'd love to make a few like that!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

off the hook...

Things have been pretty busy over here! I have been making more and more of those owl hats and it seems that many of my old friends and some new friends too are putting in their orders!

One of my cousins ordered a hat to go with her little girl's first birthday theme, "One's a hoot!"  She wanted it in very bright colors and I was able to gather all of the yarn in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Blue and Black to make the hats match the costume perfectly. Since she "bought" the yarn, I made up 3 hats to use up all of her yarn.  Here's a photo of two of the hats I made:

one's a hoot, two's cuter!
 I posted this same photo on Facebook and the orders are pouring in!  I've made a total of ten owls now and have just gotten another order.  All of this positive feedback has got me thinking about starting to sell these little babies on Etsy! I've been tweaking the free original pattern to fit bigger heads.  My sister, Michelle is also sporting one of these cuties on the kindergarten playground where she works.

It might take a while to make up a few items to post for the mean time I'm thinking of store names.  So far, "Stitch a Roux" is in the lead.  The name comes from the fact that both of my grandmothers (Memere Leroux and Memere Trudeau) were cracker jack crocheters and Memere Leroux was also a fantastic knitter.  Memere Trudeau used to make this dessert treat called Scotcharoos for every single get together my family ever had.  I figured this name would honor both of my memeres.

Monday, October 3, 2011

more scrappy crafts...

I have been crafting up a storm lately. We've been doing some road trips, so I've been making all sorts of smallish items in the car while Asa drives.  I've also been trying to use up scraps of yarn that I have taking up space in the yarn basket. 

These little booties were made with leftover yarn from a baby blanket from last year.  I saw the pattern for these cuties on Ravelry and knew right away that I would be making them soon.  They were quite quick and are very cute. They don't require much yarn and many color combos are possible...and very likely! I still need to pick up some buttons to match the green or blue/purple yarn...once they have buttons, the tabs will cross over and fasten in a criss cross.

I made these little flowers on our road trip up to NH for a wedding. I didn't have anything to wear in my hair so I made two crochet hair clips on the way. They came out very cute, and I got many compliments on them.  Asa was kind enough to wear one and show off my handy work for everyone to see.
flower clipped husband
newborn frogs ~ tadpoles?
These two newborn froggy hats aren't made entirely with scraps; I bought the soft green yarn special for this hat. But, their eyes are made using some scrap yarn.  This is the first knit character hat pattern that I've worked and I'm happy with how it turned out.  Grace saw me making them and she is really hoping I make one that will fit her head.

Monday, September 26, 2011

knit kick...

Its not really a secret that I've been buying yarn, a lot of yarn, lately.  Those pesky craft stores have been putting all of their reduced yarn in bins at crazy cheap prices.  I picked up the last two skeins of this extra thick purple yarn that is marketed as "thick and quick."  This means that you use very big needles and in no time at all, you have a super warm finished product.
Since I only had two skeins of this heather purple yarn, I knew I had to come up with a smallish project. I didn't want to make a hat, since the yarn is so thick, it would make a hat much too warm, even for Boston in January!  Plus, I've been making a lot of hats lately. I decided to make something new and different (for me, anyway).
kicking back

thick stitches, slight ribbing

To make these leg warmers, I decided how wide I wanted them to be, cast on that many stitches, and then kept knitting until I got to the end.  I wanted to make sure they didn't roll, which would be uncomfortable with such thick yarn, so I did put a small band of ribbing on the bottoms and then a wider band once I got to the top.  Each legwarmer took exactly one skein of yarn and they go to just below my knee.  They are really stiff, so there won't be any slouching. I can see now that I could have used bigger knitting needles, but what's the point of $1.97 a skein yarn if I have to spend $10.00 on new needles? These little leg warmers really were quick.  It only took three hours of knitting to make the pair.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

cloudy skies...sun dress...

Despite the lack of sunny skies, I finished that little sundress I had posted about last week.  It might be the cutest little sundress that I ever did make (and the only one). I had found the free pattern while shopping for yarn a few weeks ago. I love how it came out. I love the bright colors (and not a pink among them). I love the little button. I love how it took exactly how much yarn it said it would!  It is supposed to fit 18 months-2 years...and that's not gonna happen, but I happen to know one or two little girls that it will fit!

pretty sundress
shells and loops

I plan to buy a little shirt and some leggings to go with it, so it can be a winter time gift!  I might use the little scraps of yarn left over to make some crochet flowers for hair clips too!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

knit knit kharma...

I have been on a hat kick. I often will make up a hat when I have just "that little bit" left of a certain yarn or when I want to experiment with a new style or stitch. I had a growing collection of knit and crochet hats in a bag in my closet, just waiting for a head of their very own. A couple of weeks ago I told Asa that I wanted to make something to donate, either to hospitals for newborn babies or to some organization that knew how to distribute knit and crocheted gifts to those that needed them.  It was really spooky when I got an email from Craftsy pretty much the next day, telling me just how I could donate my hats. As you can see, these hats are all sizes, shapes, and colors.  I still have a few baby hats that I will send along for an organization that specializes in newborns.
a rainbow of hats for Kendall
These hats will be on their way to Kaps for Kendall.  This organization helps raise money to fight Fanconi Anemia and to provide special hats for kids who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and radiation. I decided to go with this organization because it seemed magical to me that I should get the email about Kaps for Kendall so close to talking with Asa about a donation. (And DESPITE the fact that they spell Kaps with a K - a personal sticking point for us Martins, who refuse to camp anywhere if its spelled with a K!)

Just follow the links above to see how you can help (either with a cash donation or the donation of new, cool, colorful hats).

Friday, September 16, 2011

lookie here...

Would you just look at this cool bag that I won!  Well, I didn't actually win it...but I did put several raffle tickets into the bag for this item and many other cool items... And I won not a thing!  But, my auntie/cousin Patti did win it...and then gave it to me at last weekend's 4th Annual SuperSamuel Golf Classic.
This handmade felted bag was loaded down with 6 different skeins of yarn, some knitting needles and one knitting book. This book, Weekend Knitting is actually one that I've borrowed from the library a few times already- so I'm feeling pretty lucky to own it!  Keep a lookout for the curly-toes elf slippers!

a couple of stragglers...

I have been feeling very crafty lately. I've been making so many cutie things but there are still a couple of items that are laying around the apartment that need finishing...and I've started a few more projects.  There was a sale on yarn with a cute free pattern just hanging above it! I couldn't resist that; would you have been able to?

Here's what I STILL need to finish since that first post about my "failure to finish":
poor orphan projects
What you see here is that purple afghan that got too big and hot to work on in the car. Well, its not particularly warm today, so I have no reason NOT to cuddle up with this one on the couch. Plus, I now have a plan for who will get this item...and a deadline!  There's that blue diagonal knit blanket...I just got excited about so many other projects and this one is slow going. Its super easy to work on, but after an hour of knitting, there's not much noticeable change... And then there are those booties. I haven't even picked them up, but I will!

Here's what I've started since then and haven't finished:
more new projects in the works
Well, what you see here is another pumpkin hat in the works. I made that other one, but it wasn't very soft and the color was a bit bright so I bought another skein of a softer (to the touch and on the eyes) yarn and I've been working away on it while the babies nap.  There's another blue hat that I recently started, but I haven't touched it much because I'm making it out of leftover yarn AND the knitting needles have a nick in them from something sharp so the yarn catches on it and it makes me mad.  I've tried filing it down...and I will do some more of that! And then there's the adorable crochet "pretty sundress." I was shopping for that softer orange yarn and I saw this yarn on sale for only $2.50 per skein and the free pattern above the yarn promised I'd only need 2 skeins.  SO- I had to get it. Christmas is coming and I know a few little girls...Its coming out really cute and its a pretty quick pattern!
paper or plastic?
And, I like to do other crafts too, so I've been saving these fun bags up to make a reusable shopping bag that I saw a plan for in a recycling craft book at the library.  I'll fuse these scraps together using an iron to make a thicker durable sheet of plastic and then use a sewing machine to make a shopping back. All of the scraps say "Thank You" and maybe some other positive message without telling everyone where I shop...unless people get take out from my local Thai place or Chinese place...

Here's my new promise: I WILL GET THESE THINGS DONE! By Christmas!

In other news, I've gotten a couple of orders for those HOOT hats! One is for a first birthday in January and another is for my sister.  That's pretty exciting! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hoot hoot...

I recently became a member of Ravelry. I had heard some ladies in the craft section of a book store talking about it so I went online and checked it out. Its a site for knitters and crocheters to share projects that they have made or are working on. I like the site quite a lot and have found many adorable patterns (some of them even for free).  I tried this little owl out and I love so many things about it!

baby and big sister owl
The pattern is easy to do, quick to do, and so stinking cute! The posted free pattern for is for a newborn, but its a basic pattern that is pretty easy to adapt for larger sizes.  Once the basic cap, ears, eyes and beak are done, it goes together really easily and I can make one in only 2 hours. I've already made three of these little owls, with orders for a few more already! These two hoots are on the way to new baby Marley and big sister Maela!

scrappy crafty...

Last week I gave myself another little challenge. I wanted to finish three projects using scraps of yarn that I had in my overflowing the yarn basket.

Mission Accomplished!
Dragon Girl

Dragon in the cave
The piggie hat and wolf hat were a pig hit at work, so my first scrappy craft was a dragon hat.  I used some left over yarn from a previous project. I had made some crochet fruits and veggies for my little cousin, Maela's birthday last year. The green, light green, and orange were all from that project, as was the stuffing that I used to stuff the tail and scales.

I still had plenty of orange yarn left so I made this little pumpkin hat for my other little cousin, Kenzie.  I wasn't sure how many stitches to use when I knit this up for an eight month old.  But, at 80 stitches on a size 6 needle, it fit her perfectly! The hat came out really well, even though I'm not crazy for the yarn. I also dug out a tiny scrap of brown yarn for the stem. I had bought the orange yarn for a fruit toy project so its not really a soft yarn, its more sturdy...but it will do!

brand new baby booties
My last project was a pair of baby booties. When I bought the yarn for that snuggly wrap, there was a free pattern for baby booties hanging along side of the yarn.  It was written specifically for that type of yarn. I followed the pattern exactly, but these booties are really tiny...they will fit a newborn for about 1 week, I think...but they are super cute.  I still have a bit more yarn, so I plan to make a little hat to go along with them.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what big eyes you have...

I couldn't wait to get this little hat finished!
wolf hat on the prowl

The babies are entering a dress up phase and they both loved wearing that piggie hat so much, they wanted needed another hat so they could both wear one at the same time. Grace has even been napping with one on! So, here is the wolf hat that is supposed to go along with the red riding hood, though it does go with the piggie hat too. We've been playing in the tent and pretending its one of the houses from The Three Little Pigs.  Jonah fancies himself as the Big Bad Wolf.
he's gonna huff and puff that tent down
 It came out much cuter than I thought it would and sewing the eyes, snout, tongue, and ears on wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. Next I think I'll try a dragon to go with the pig hat for one of Grace's favorite books, Spiffen: tale of a tidy pig.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

where did all of the crafts go?

A couple of weeks ago, Asa and I went to New Hampshire to spend some time with a couple of my friends from college.  It was a nice weekend away with lots of food, drinks, friends and kid time.  I was sitting in the living room crocheting that mesh bag when Kaitlyn asked what I was making. I told her all about my project and she followed up with a comment about a blanket I made for her.  I was shocked! She still had something that I made (she's 9 now!). And she remembered that I made it for her (it was given to her before she was born). And, she still slept with this blanket every night (its her Blankey, afterall!).  Kaitlyn's story about Blankey got me to thinking about all of those other gifts that have gone on to their new homes...but I'm lucky enough to have a few photos of these gifts getting used!
Kaitlyn and her sewn quilted tag blanket
Kaitlyn told me she had her handmade tag blanket with her at the vacation home and ran back to her bedroom to get it. I didn't know what she was going to come back with. It has been ten years since I gave it to her mom...I just couldn't remember what I had made that long ago.  I was surprised that she came with a sewn quilted blanket...I had forgotten about that sewing phase I went through.  I used to make these tag blankets and also I would make burp cloths with colorful ribbon edges.  I'm told her brother has a blue afghan kicking around too that I made.
I went through a few old emails to check out how my projects are holding up once they moved on...
Theo and his crocheted hat
Kenzie and her crocheted mittens
brand new Maggie and her snuggle wrap
And since some of my projects go straight to Jonah and Grace, I get to photograph them and store the photos for myself.

Grace in her piggie hat
Quick moving Grace Riding Hood
twin speed crochet hats

For a few more projects, you can click through to the album and see who's wearing what!

Monday, September 5, 2011

oink oink went the little pink pig

I've been excited to start AND finish two brand new projects this week. And I have plenty of yarn to start a couple of other projects that I've dreamed up...but I was starting to feel a bit guilty.  I still had 3 unfinished projects laying about the yarn basket. 
We had a nice breakfast at home today since Asa and I have the day off. I also managed to finally put that piggie hat together.  It came out pretty cute, but it was not a perfect project. Sewing the ears on straight and symmetrical took some trial and error.  I also stuffed them, so that provided a bit of extra work to sew them on with all the stuffing on the inside.  Trying to embroider eyes also took some trial and error.  I'm not that great at embroidery, keeping the correct tension is always a problem for me.  I ended up doing a modified knotting job sort of like candle wicking and they came out okay.  And then creating the snout and attaching it proved a bit weird.  I used a different yarn and stitch so its different. I also put a little stuffing in there to puff it out a bit.  These are all skills that I need to practice with...
pink piggie hat
Its not totally perfect, but it is pretty cute.  Both Grace and Jonah are entering that phase where they like to pretend so hopefully they will have fun playing dress up with this prototype piggie hat!

a blanket for baby leo

There have been a few new babies in the family lately.  Just before our wedding, baby Leo was born to my cousin Frank and his wife Kerry.  While I haven't met him yet, I wanted to be sure to meet him with a little something homemade and cuddly.  Since this summer has been so hot, there wasn't really a rush to get a baby blanket snuggled around him. But, now that it is going to be fall tomorrow...he'll be snuggled up on his walks with Mom and Dad.
blue and green for little red head Leo
I made this blanket pretty quickly this week. It went quickly because I used a heavier weight yarn and a bit bigger hook. Its also a small little thing, perfect for wrapping and covering him in his carrier and stroller without risking dragging it on the ground. This blanket is the same exact pattern at the multicolored blanket I finished two weeks ago. I hope Kerry and Frank, and especially Leo love this little blankie. He'll get to try it out today when Asa and I meet him at his grandmother's birthday party!

a little red riding hood

Hurricane Irene brought plenty of rain and wind to New England last weekend! Luckily for us Bostonians, there wasn't much damage for the storm. We didn't even lose power here in Roslindale. While we waited out the storm, I got started on a long awaited project... I had been dieing to start this new project but had made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start anything new until I finished a few of the projects laying around my yarn basket.    I had bought the yarn for this project for the bargain basement price of 97 cents a skein.  I wasn't sure how much I would need, but at that price, I wasn't afraid of buying a ton of it!  It turned out that I bought enough yarn to also make a hat or two this winter in addition to this completed red riding hood!
who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
I'm afraid that this picture doesn't do the cape justice. I plan to take a few hundred photos of Grace wearing the cape this week and again at Halloween stay tuned!
little red hanging hood

Sunday, August 28, 2011

my challenge has been completed...

This here is project number four! And its done! I'm displaying it here holding the red yarn for that Little Red Riding Hood that I've been chomping at the bit to get started!
Seattle-bound mesh bag
This is that mesh bag that I was crocheting out of a thin sock-type yarn. It was a nice light project to work on in the car on the way up to New Hampshire this weekend. Since our car doesn't have air conditioning, a light weight and small project is ideal!  The pattern was very easy, just single crochet, double crochet and chaining.
The top band is all single crochet, which means it took a little while. Because the yarn is thin, the stitches are pretty small. Once I got to the mesh part, which consists of chaining an double crocheting, it went along really quickly.  It came out just how I thought it would, which is a relief since I modified the pattern to make a bigger bag, using much thinner yarn than was called for.
The bag is going into the mail tomorrow to Seattle for a friend. I had promised to send him something homemade way back in January and am relieved that I can come through on that promise!

one project away from starting a new one...

I had to go to the craft store again. I got the last skein of multi-colored sock yarn to finish that third project in my challenge.  And I must admit that they were having a bit of a sale on some other nice yarns so I got 4 more skeins for another project. (just wanted to be honest with you)
project three ~ completed!
Once I got the yarn, finishing the blanket actually only took about 15 minutes. I was able to finish it while waiting on Asa to finish working before we took off of New Hampshire to see some friends for the weekend.  I'm really happy with how the project came out and will tuck this blanket away for a future baby Martin!

sweet little bundle

Friday, August 26, 2011

you have got to be kidding me...

I'm so close and still not finished!  I've been working on this multi-colored baby blanket this week because the evenings have been cool enough and its an easy, no counting project that I can work while watching tv. (The BPL only gives us one week to watch a whole season of Big Love, you know!)
Another trip to the craft store...
The pattern is worked diagonally and I'm at the decreasing stage.  Each row is getting one square smaller and its going to complete itself at the last corner of the blanket.  I have only a few more rows to go. But first, I need to go get another skein of yarn.  This is what I get for just doing a pattern that I learned many years ago (Thanks Memere!). It doesn't come with actual I had no idea how much yarn I really needed. And I'm finding that I always need way more yarn than I think I should. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

two down...

I've finished another project, working past my bedtime, even. I completed the hooded terry blanket "robe." And, while I made a few changes to the pattern, I do really like how it turned out.
pink fuzzy snuggly "robe"
I used a really chunky and fuzzy yarn, so it didn't take me very long to make this little snuggly.  The increasing and decreasing was done a little differently than the pattern called for, making it a diamond instead of a square. I put the hood on the shorter and fatter end that way it will be wider to wrap around the baby's shoulders.  I also added little ties so it can be tied up like a robe.  I think its so cute and cuddly!
burrito style baby wrapper

So, that's two projects down, only 4 more in the works...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

and I'm off...

Once I got all of that work spread out in my tiny living room, I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed!  I'm also a bit embarrassed to tell you that I forgot all about two other projects that I found balled up in the bottom of my yarn basket.
more projects approaching completion

I started to make a mesh market basket a long time ago as a gift for someone. It was a chain letter sort of deal. I have 1 year to make something homemade and send it to this person. Thank goodness I found it after only 8 months, I still have 4 months to finish it!  It uses a very thin yarn and hook, so its not ideal for car crocheting.  I put it aside and just forgot all about it...and it got buried under all of the heaps of new yarn I keep buying.  I'll have to get cracking on that one too.

I also found a little hat I made with left over pink yarn. The hat itself is finished. The idea was to sew little ears and eyes and a snout on it to make it a piglet hat.  That has not happened yet.  I guess given these two omitted projects I should increase my promised amount of finished projects to four. That will be four completed projects before I start in on that red yarn. It is just screaming to become a Little Red Riding Hood!
a finished project : garter stitch green sweater
 But, I did FINISH something last night.  It was the green sweater.  It is not perfect, that's for sure.  But, it does look like the picture, except for the button holes.  The button holes are a bit rough on this thing... They do hold the cutest little owl buttons, but they are a bit sloppy.  I hope to improve my technique with future projects (or to just use tiny buttons that don't require special techniques to make holes for them).