Friday, August 19, 2011

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     I have a problem!  I like to buy yarn (especially if its on sale). I buy all this yarn, start a bunch of different projects and then start the process over again.  It sounds really normal, doesn't it? Lots of crafters buy materials and then start their projects.  The difference between the other crafters and me is that they finish their projects!  I currently have 6 projects in the works...all at varying stages of completion.

will I ever finish?
     I have some booties that I started for a friend who is having a baby girl. When I think of this friend, I don't really think 'pink' so I'm making the booties in a rich eggplant color. The first one came out as a lefty...even though it is supposed to be symmetrical.  I've lost a bit of confidence and don't really want to start over...but am not too excited to get cracking on that next bootie. I'm pretty sure this baby is not going to have two left feet!
     I have a multicolor baby blanket there too.  Its made from a sock yarn so it is very drapey and light weight.  I started it 3 years ago. That's right, the baby I started it for is now about three and a half.  It was taking me so much time and yarn ($), I decided that it is too precious to give away.  This little cuddler is for my future baby.  Whenever I work on it, I get lots of compliments for its bright colors and nice weight and texture.  However, it just won't be finished. Its at the point now that its kind of heavy to work on in the summer time. I don't pick it up unless the weather is cool. Then when I get in the groove to work on it, I run out of yarn. Once I'm at the store buying more yarn, I find a new yarn and get inspired for a new project- so this little beauty gets the back burner.

     I've recently taught myself to knit and that fluffy pink number is a future hooded terry blanket. Its going well and because its a thick fluffy yarn, its actually going rather quickly. I ran out of yarn for it last week so I put it on the back burner while I started that lighter weight blue blanket in the lower middle of the shot. I just went to the store and got some more fluffy pink- so its back to work on that one. This pattern is super simple so I can work on it in the car or while watching tv. A perfect project, in my book.

     The large purple blanket was a project that is actually coming out great. I even have enough yarn to finish it.  It just got too hot to work on an its on hold until the fall, at least!

     I mentioned that I taught myself to knit...I still haven't really figured out the whole gauge thing!  That green sweater is supposed to be for an infant. I got the pattern in a little book that I bought for its crochet patterns.  This one was in there and the photo has it on the cutest baby ever.  I started it with this green yarn, thinking it would be good for any of the many friends I have who aren't finding out the sex of their babies.  But the yarn is too thick for the gauge so its coming out 12 month old huge!  I should just finish it...I'm really close. But, at this point I don't even know who to give a weirdo green sweater to...What was I thinking? All of the patterns in this book have really boxy sweaters that are super wide (at least they are when I make them).  So, I've got a huge weirdo green sweater with a strange boxy shape- any takers?

     I hereby promise to finish at least three of these projects before starting a new one! You may be wondering why I'm only promising to finish three...well, when I was buying that fluffy pink yarn last night I came across some chunky red yarn for only 97 cents a skein and I've got the cutest pattern for a "Little Red Riding Hood" that I want to make in time for Halloween. It will be perfect with the wolf hat I'm hoping to start soon with some cool gray wool I got... can't wait to see Grace and Jonah on Halloween!  I also got some adorable crinkly yarn on sale in neutral colors that will make a new baby very snuggly.

always planning

     Stay tuned for updates and finished photos of these projects!

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