Friday, August 26, 2011

you have got to be kidding me...

I'm so close and still not finished!  I've been working on this multi-colored baby blanket this week because the evenings have been cool enough and its an easy, no counting project that I can work while watching tv. (The BPL only gives us one week to watch a whole season of Big Love, you know!)
Another trip to the craft store...
The pattern is worked diagonally and I'm at the decreasing stage.  Each row is getting one square smaller and its going to complete itself at the last corner of the blanket.  I have only a few more rows to go. But first, I need to go get another skein of yarn.  This is what I get for just doing a pattern that I learned many years ago (Thanks Memere!). It doesn't come with actual I had no idea how much yarn I really needed. And I'm finding that I always need way more yarn than I think I should. 

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