Monday, September 5, 2011

oink oink went the little pink pig

I've been excited to start AND finish two brand new projects this week. And I have plenty of yarn to start a couple of other projects that I've dreamed up...but I was starting to feel a bit guilty.  I still had 3 unfinished projects laying about the yarn basket. 
We had a nice breakfast at home today since Asa and I have the day off. I also managed to finally put that piggie hat together.  It came out pretty cute, but it was not a perfect project. Sewing the ears on straight and symmetrical took some trial and error.  I also stuffed them, so that provided a bit of extra work to sew them on with all the stuffing on the inside.  Trying to embroider eyes also took some trial and error.  I'm not that great at embroidery, keeping the correct tension is always a problem for me.  I ended up doing a modified knotting job sort of like candle wicking and they came out okay.  And then creating the snout and attaching it proved a bit weird.  I used a different yarn and stitch so its different. I also put a little stuffing in there to puff it out a bit.  These are all skills that I need to practice with...
pink piggie hat
Its not totally perfect, but it is pretty cute.  Both Grace and Jonah are entering that phase where they like to pretend so hopefully they will have fun playing dress up with this prototype piggie hat!

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