Monday, September 5, 2011

a blanket for baby leo

There have been a few new babies in the family lately.  Just before our wedding, baby Leo was born to my cousin Frank and his wife Kerry.  While I haven't met him yet, I wanted to be sure to meet him with a little something homemade and cuddly.  Since this summer has been so hot, there wasn't really a rush to get a baby blanket snuggled around him. But, now that it is going to be fall tomorrow...he'll be snuggled up on his walks with Mom and Dad.
blue and green for little red head Leo
I made this blanket pretty quickly this week. It went quickly because I used a heavier weight yarn and a bit bigger hook. Its also a small little thing, perfect for wrapping and covering him in his carrier and stroller without risking dragging it on the ground. This blanket is the same exact pattern at the multicolored blanket I finished two weeks ago. I hope Kerry and Frank, and especially Leo love this little blankie. He'll get to try it out today when Asa and I meet him at his grandmother's birthday party!


  1. I think little Leo loved the blanket - we should have gotten a picture of him all wrapped in it yesterday. By the way, Labor Day is only the unofficial end of summer; Fall doesn't start until Sept. 21. But if it means cooler weather, bring it on, as I'm ready for an end to the heat.

  2. Thank you, Calendar Police...but you can't tell me that its still summer- I'm about ready to put some slippers on!