Friday, September 16, 2011

a couple of stragglers...

I have been feeling very crafty lately. I've been making so many cutie things but there are still a couple of items that are laying around the apartment that need finishing...and I've started a few more projects.  There was a sale on yarn with a cute free pattern just hanging above it! I couldn't resist that; would you have been able to?

Here's what I STILL need to finish since that first post about my "failure to finish":
poor orphan projects
What you see here is that purple afghan that got too big and hot to work on in the car. Well, its not particularly warm today, so I have no reason NOT to cuddle up with this one on the couch. Plus, I now have a plan for who will get this item...and a deadline!  There's that blue diagonal knit blanket...I just got excited about so many other projects and this one is slow going. Its super easy to work on, but after an hour of knitting, there's not much noticeable change... And then there are those booties. I haven't even picked them up, but I will!

Here's what I've started since then and haven't finished:
more new projects in the works
Well, what you see here is another pumpkin hat in the works. I made that other one, but it wasn't very soft and the color was a bit bright so I bought another skein of a softer (to the touch and on the eyes) yarn and I've been working away on it while the babies nap.  There's another blue hat that I recently started, but I haven't touched it much because I'm making it out of leftover yarn AND the knitting needles have a nick in them from something sharp so the yarn catches on it and it makes me mad.  I've tried filing it down...and I will do some more of that! And then there's the adorable crochet "pretty sundress." I was shopping for that softer orange yarn and I saw this yarn on sale for only $2.50 per skein and the free pattern above the yarn promised I'd only need 2 skeins.  SO- I had to get it. Christmas is coming and I know a few little girls...Its coming out really cute and its a pretty quick pattern!
paper or plastic?
And, I like to do other crafts too, so I've been saving these fun bags up to make a reusable shopping bag that I saw a plan for in a recycling craft book at the library.  I'll fuse these scraps together using an iron to make a thicker durable sheet of plastic and then use a sewing machine to make a shopping back. All of the scraps say "Thank You" and maybe some other positive message without telling everyone where I shop...unless people get take out from my local Thai place or Chinese place...

Here's my new promise: I WILL GET THESE THINGS DONE! By Christmas!

In other news, I've gotten a couple of orders for those HOOT hats! One is for a first birthday in January and another is for my sister.  That's pretty exciting! 

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