Tuesday, September 6, 2011

where did all of the crafts go?

A couple of weeks ago, Asa and I went to New Hampshire to spend some time with a couple of my friends from college.  It was a nice weekend away with lots of food, drinks, friends and kid time.  I was sitting in the living room crocheting that mesh bag when Kaitlyn asked what I was making. I told her all about my project and she followed up with a comment about a blanket I made for her.  I was shocked! She still had something that I made (she's 9 now!). And she remembered that I made it for her (it was given to her before she was born). And, she still slept with this blanket every night (its her Blankey, afterall!).  Kaitlyn's story about Blankey got me to thinking about all of those other gifts that have gone on to their new homes...but I'm lucky enough to have a few photos of these gifts getting used!
Kaitlyn and her sewn quilted tag blanket
Kaitlyn told me she had her handmade tag blanket with her at the vacation home and ran back to her bedroom to get it. I didn't know what she was going to come back with. It has been ten years since I gave it to her mom...I just couldn't remember what I had made that long ago.  I was surprised that she came with a sewn quilted blanket...I had forgotten about that sewing phase I went through.  I used to make these tag blankets and also I would make burp cloths with colorful ribbon edges.  I'm told her brother has a blue afghan kicking around too that I made.
I went through a few old emails to check out how my projects are holding up once they moved on...
Theo and his crocheted hat
Kenzie and her crocheted mittens
brand new Maggie and her snuggle wrap
And since some of my projects go straight to Jonah and Grace, I get to photograph them and store the photos for myself.

Grace in her piggie hat
Quick moving Grace Riding Hood
twin speed crochet hats

For a few more projects, you can click through to the album and see who's wearing what!

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