Thursday, September 8, 2011

what big eyes you have...

I couldn't wait to get this little hat finished!
wolf hat on the prowl

The babies are entering a dress up phase and they both loved wearing that piggie hat so much, they wanted needed another hat so they could both wear one at the same time. Grace has even been napping with one on! So, here is the wolf hat that is supposed to go along with the red riding hood, though it does go with the piggie hat too. We've been playing in the tent and pretending its one of the houses from The Three Little Pigs.  Jonah fancies himself as the Big Bad Wolf.
he's gonna huff and puff that tent down
 It came out much cuter than I thought it would and sewing the eyes, snout, tongue, and ears on wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. Next I think I'll try a dragon to go with the pig hat for one of Grace's favorite books, Spiffen: tale of a tidy pig.

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