Friday, October 14, 2011

button cuff bracelet...

After one year of being a nanny and spending each day with just two babies and no other grown ups, I found that I don't really have that many friends to hang out with outside of work. So, I took matters into my own hands and joined meetup. Its a great way to get together with people who are interested in your favorite hobby, exercise, food type, or lifestyle. I took a look on there to see if there was any local craft groups that I could join.  I found one that meets two blocks from my apartment!  They seem to do sewing, knitting, and far I've attended a knit night and a sewing project. Both were very fun! When I was at the knitting night, I learned that our organizer, Meg is a button freak. I was not too surprised when last night's topic was announced.

The project last night was to make button cuff bracelets.  I already knew how to sew a button, so I decided to sign up, despite the steep sign up and materials fee of twenty dollars (I had invited both of my sisters to attend with me but was informed that between the three of us crafty Lerouxs we should have been able to figure it out for free...but I wouldn't have gotten to meet the new gals then, would I?) It was a pretty small group, but that just meant that we could all fit around the table and sew and chat together.

I was able to walk out of there with this nifty button cuff that I can wear with all sorts of outfits.  Mine is made with a felt base and vintage buttons that I hunted down in a huge collection of buttons.  There were huge bowls of buttons on hand to sort through and hunt down the perfect specimens for your cuff. Also on hand were precut and sewn cuffs so we could just dig in and get sewing.  Now that I know how to get started on this project, I'm excited to get my hands on a button collection and make a few more.  You could make your own button cuff using almost any type of band...even a knitted or crocheted one.  I even saw one model cuff that was made out of the cuff of an old button down was really cool and I'd love to make a few like that!

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