Tuesday, October 11, 2011

off the hook...

Things have been pretty busy over here! I have been making more and more of those owl hats and it seems that many of my old friends and some new friends too are putting in their orders!

One of my cousins ordered a hat to go with her little girl's first birthday theme, "One's a hoot!"  She wanted it in very bright colors and I was able to gather all of the yarn in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Blue and Black to make the hats match the costume perfectly. Since she "bought" the yarn, I made up 3 hats to use up all of her yarn.  Here's a photo of two of the hats I made:

one's a hoot, two's cuter!
 I posted this same photo on Facebook and the orders are pouring in!  I've made a total of ten owls now and have just gotten another order.  All of this positive feedback has got me thinking about starting to sell these little babies on Etsy! I've been tweaking the free original pattern to fit bigger heads.  My sister, Michelle is also sporting one of these cuties on the kindergarten playground where she works.

It might take a while to make up a few items to post for sale...in the mean time I'm thinking of store names.  So far, "Stitch a Roux" is in the lead.  The name comes from the fact that both of my grandmothers (Memere Leroux and Memere Trudeau) were cracker jack crocheters and Memere Leroux was also a fantastic knitter.  Memere Trudeau used to make this dessert treat called Scotcharoos for every single get together my family ever had.  I figured this name would honor both of my memeres.

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  1. I want to order one for Theo! He is really into birds (is anyone surprised about that??), and I think he would absolutely LOVE one of these. Maybe in some brownish colors? How long does it take to make one, and what is your price tag, Ms. Stitcharoux?