Friday, May 18, 2012

birthday stash crafting...

My sister Janelle is having a birthday this weekend and I wanted to whip up a little something homemade to give to her with her birthday gifts. Since its a May birthday, I didn't think a knitted gift of hat and/or scarf would do. She got some knitted legwarmers and a hat for Christmas.  Instead, I headed to the sewing machine.

Janelle liked the fabric for the stroller bag I posted about yesterday and "hinted" that she'd like a zippy pouch for some essential items that she likes to carry in her purse and school bag.  I had some more of the stroller bag fabric in my stash, as it seems that each pattern I find recommends almost twice the amount of fabric that I really need.  I looked for a tutorial for a little pouch and was inspired by this tutorial. I didn't actually use the tutorial much, but liked the contrasting ruffle. I made up my own measurements entirely to make a pouch that measures about 11" x 7". It needed to be big enough to hold an iPod, cell phone, granola bar, and maybe her keys and some cash.  I lined it in the same yellow fabric as the ruffle and added a blue zipper for an additional contrast.  I think future pouches like this one will include a little pocket inside, but I didn't actually think about that this time until after I finished sewing the lining shut after turning it rightside out. 

Speaking of stash busting, here's a cute tutorial I found yesterday that I'd like to tackle some time soon for at least one of the upcoming baby births around here: A patchwork puzzle triangular ball! I think this project will use up a bunch of the smaller stash scraps I have stored up around here.

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